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Why I Am Not Transferring to UGA My Georgia Southern Student Portal

Description: The following article is primarily about mygeorgiasouthern portal. The author is mainly going to show us some details and several reasons why he has not been transferred to become one of the southern students in University of Georgia.

Today I’m going to talk about why I am not transferring to UGA. I am shocked about myself, so there are several reasons why I’m not transferring and it breaks my heart, but at the same time, I need to stay here, but she’s going to go through the reasons and explain that it’s so many questions.

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I think the Tanner that costs one thousand dollars, that is ridiculous, you can use my discount code which I will put in the down bar and then we’ll give you 10% off, so I did not realize how far ahead that I was from everyone else with my credit.

Since I do enroll in high school and I’ve also taken the summer classes, so I literally would have graduated in two and a half years, my plan was to transfer there after my sophomore year of college, you could have not taking summer classes this summer and held it out to stay there a year.

But why would I transfer to college, don’t only be there for a year, because I would have been there for a year, I mean I know people there, it’s not a problem, that was not a reason why I didn’t transfer, I make friends very easily because I’m loud not going, it is not a problem for me.

I could not get involved in a year, there’s no point in me transferring to a school for a year like that, and then I went to think well. I’m going to add another major, so we’ll be there longer, so I was going to go to UGA for public relations and my college at UGA would have been Grady.

Grady is the second most competitive and popular College at UGA aside from Terry, the college of business and I wanted to add a double major in journalism, so I’m saying yourself than that I am double majoring in public relations and journalism.

However, all finished on time and I will be out in four years in graduating 2020 or I graduated high school in 2016, I cannot double major with public relations and journalism at UGA, because they’re in the same College and it’s Grady’s insanely competitive.

It is very hard to get into it since I couldn’t double major or even minor and journalism to extend my stay there, because I don’t want to graduate early, I’m in college for four years, you’re not allowed to do that in the same College at UGA for that reason, so I could have double majored with business, that was my second fallback.

But I hate math, I hate accounting, I’m not going to use business, I’ve always loved writing, it’s always been a passion of mine and it’s something that I enjoy and I see journalism and PR helping me the most with YouTube and stuff and all things of that nature whereas for what I want to do one day, I do want to run the social media for National Geographic or Patagonia.

Those are like my talk, we’re going to try to get an internship with them next summer, I have an internship with Country Club trout this summer, if you’re curious, that is the main reason, because like journalism watching helped me and I can double major and PR and journalism here no problem and my two majors overlap likes in the classes I have to take.

So I can still easily be out, the second major reason why I did not leave is that I am a young life leader in Georgia Southern and that is what God has called me to do, that is my purpose, I left Georgia Southern, I said I couldn’t double major with journalism at UGA.

So I would have graduated in a year and for me to be able to be a young life leader at UGA as well, I would have had to rego through young life training to get place as a leader and that takes you year, so even if I did say all four years there, I could only lead you up there for a year and I thought I could transfer there and I thought that I could be placed somewhere a place in a high school day or at the beginning of the year.

But it does not work like that, young life is huge, so it’s also more competitive in southern way, I did feel they were calling me with all these things that were happening to be at UGA, but I think things changed.

When I was applying for colleges, I hadn’t set my head that I had to go SEC before I even came to Georgia Southern, my thought is that I’m probably going to transfer to Alabama or something, but there ended up being no way that I could get in-state tuition.

As I transfer students to UGA, I was dead set on that, but then I got to Southern and I loved it and I’m happy here, then I started dating this boy, he was transferring to UGA, so I think that was like what put the thought of transferring to UGA into my head originally, but then I thought about it, there are so many benefits, I would have been closer to Atlanta.

So I would’ve been so much closer to my family which was a great thing, there are also so many more connections UGA and it’s a lot bigger, but the thing is that you can stop, I honestly do not have a problem with connections, I’m not worried about getting a job at all.

When I get out of college, because I haven’t social media for YouTube and I’ve done a good amount of things and I got small internships for during the school year, next year laid out here in Statesboro and I have so many connections in Savannah and I have so much here already that I don’t want to leave not start over somewhere else.

If you see what I’m saying, I’m so connected to the community of Statesboro through doing them life and working so closely with our high school boys, I love the Statesboro community, I love the people here, I love everything about it.

Once I decide on something, if I want something, I’m going to get it, because I’m a very determined person and I will work until I get what I want, I will work my way to the top and that’s through passion hard work and determination.

I did not figure out that I was not transferring to UGA until I got time to apply and I realized I don’t want to do this, there are all those other reasons, another like side reason, I started dating someone here at Georgia Southern and who doesn’t play and also with everything else factoring in long distance.

It’s something that I am going somewhere for a long time, it’s like the difference, it’s not a relationship, I put myself in, but one God put me in something like that, it’s the way it happened, if you want to see a whole video on meeting Stephen how we met, I do not want to be long distance doing long distance in relationship.

It’s the last thing I wanted to do, because honestly, how do I transfer to UGA, we probably like, we had been dating that long we might have cut it, after all the factors and like the main thing not being able to double major with PR and journalism, there was no point saying I wanted to work in Atlanta or I wanted to do so for the Country Club prep or something proper something there based out of Atlanta.

So many companies and other opportunities are based out of Atlanta, so it would have been so much easier, if I was at UGA to go and do something with them like part-time during the week, I want to go to a go big go SEC school.

But I’m so happy here and like being so close to you today on our Charleston, being so close to the beach and like all the things I love and also Athens is bigger, I like small towns, I love Statesboro, they do have good PR school.

But it’s not a big deal, I don’t believe, I went to fill out the form, that’s when I realized, I didn’t want to go anymore, it was not something that I had sent my head, that’s what I was going to do, it was better for me and I’d like to get better schooling there.

But I got the point, I didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t do it, it broke my heart to have to leave like Statesboro a month or two into my freshman year of college, I’m transferring to you, it’s happening, it’s been set in stone for a very long time.

So I was shocked our last year during young life interviews, when they were placing us, I’m going to UGA, I would not be here and I knew I was either going to transfer after a fall semester, after spring semester, but I can’t leave, I can’t do it, I am thinking about it now, making me think about something that I cannot leave six-row now.

I don’t want to be with everything like I waited with all my head, but I don’t go, I’m content where I am, I’m happy
with my dog, living is a lot cheaper in Statesboro than is uga, obviously because georgia items like 20,000, it’s GGA, it’s an SEC school, it’s huge, it’s so competitive to get into, it’s up and now, but I realize that I don’t want to do what everyone else does, I never have Georgia, Southern is my thing and I love it.

I don’t want to leave, there’s no reason for me, I don’t need that at UGA, I don’t have as much as an opportunity to stick out, you know what I mean, there are so many online digital content creators, there are so many bloggers youtubers.

I don’t know if there are any more southern like one or two, but I don’t know them, becoming me would be good and it would be good to have that, but I like the smaller one, that’s what I need, I don’t want those fittings, but hopefully, like I got my point across and for those of you wondering, this is why and I had so many requests to film this, so give any other questions, you can come here and share with us more about it later.

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