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NYS Child Support Login Programs And Services For Noncustodial Parents

Description: In the article which centers on nys child support login, the author talks about programs and protections available to help noncustodial parents. The Office of Child Support Enforcement plays a key role in ensuring that noncustodial parents provide financial support for their children and serves as a strong anti-poverty program.

Like Marco many non-custodial parents are concerned about child support, they worry about how high the order will be and whether or not they will be able to make their payments, fortunately there are a number of programs and protections available to help noncustodial parents.

These programs are designed to align support orders to the non-custodial parents income, prevent or reduce the build-up of arrears and help them pay their current child support, some important legal protections for low-income non-custodial parents begin from the moment the order is established in court.

This is why it is important for noncustodial parents to appear at all court hearings, minimum and poverty orders are examples of legal safeguards, these protections serve non-custodial parents living below certain income levels, non-custodial parents can pay as little as $25 per month in child support depending on their income.

Non-custodial parents who are part of one or more of the following groups will be exempt from certain child support enforcement actions, those whose income falls below the New York State self support reserve, non-custodial parents who receive cash assistance, those who receive Supplemental Security Income SSI and those who are incarcerated.

OCSE provides several programs that can help lower the child support orders or reduce the child support debt of non-custodial parents who owe money to the government, the New York City Department of Social Services or DSS.

Remember that orders are payable to DSS when the custodial parent or children are receiving cash assistance, for instance a modified DSS order or MDO can be used to lower the child support obligation of struggling non-custodial parents without having to go back to court provided the order is payable to DSS.

With the DSS arrears cap program, arrears owed to DSS can be reduced to a maximum of $500, to participate in this program, the debt must be owed to DSS and the arrears must have been built up while the non-custodial parents income was below the federal poverty level.

Non-custodial parents who owe arrears to DSS may be able to use the arrears credit program to reduce their debt, non-custodial parents who sign up for the program and pay their child support in full and on time for a year can qualify for a $5,000 credit towards DSS arrears for up to three years.

This means that they could get as much as $15,000 off their debts by paying their current support, non-custodial parents who are current on their support payments may also be eligible for the New York State Earned Income Tax Credit.

Information on EITC can be found in the additional resources section, regardless if their child support orders are payable to DSS or the custodial parent, there are programs for non-custodial parents like Marco who need to find employment.

The support through Employment Program or step helps connect non-custodial parents to employers and provides job readiness and vocational training, text to work sends text messages about job listings directly to non-custodial parents in the child support program.

Workforce one prepares and connects qualified candidates to jobs in New York City, more information on these programs is available at the OCSE customer service walk-in center, OCSE is here to help non-custodial parents stay ahead of their child support payments.

When noncustodial parents make their child support payments, children are less likely to live in poverty, when Marco had trouble making his payments, he started the process for a downward modification of his order, Marco was able to use a downward order modification to avoid accumulating child support debt.

He visited the customer service walk-in center to learn about the employment programs available to him, with the help of OCSE Marco was able to find a new job and continue providing support for his son David, OCSE is here to partner with parents and help them navigate the child support process from start to finish, working together we can lift up children.

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