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Description: The following passage is talking about old navy credit card login. The author saved over $100 in this shopping trip to Old Navy. If you love their clothes as much as the author does, the author highly suggest signing up for their email list, so you’ll never miss a deal.

I am going to Old Navy Haul. I got back from doing my second trip to Old Navy in the last 24 hours because they had some awesome sales, it was a sale that happened on Saturday, when I woke up and had an email from Old Navy saying there’s another sale on Sunday, I couldn’t resist going back and picking up a few other things that I wanted that are cheap.

If you don’t get old navy’s emails, I highly suggest you sign up because those deals are over fast, you want to get there and get the stuff before one their stock runs out and before the sale ends, this isn’t sponsored, if you like Old Navy clothes which I do, I love their quality but it’s hard for me to spend that money on myself, I definitely suggest you sign up for their email alerts, that way you get notified when they have upcoming deals and sales, you don’t miss out.

I’m going to show you what I got, hopefully you sign up for their emails and you can get stuff like this too, so let’s get into this, I’ll tell you how much I paid for everything, the deal is over now but in case maybe you could check it out.

We’ll start with what I got for myself, but they have these tank tops, they are plain tank tops for $2, I got them in this color, the salmon color, teal color, gray color, blue stripe color and green stripe color, the only reason why I got so many is that it’s starting to get hot where I live and they are only two dollars, I’ll be able to use them throughout summer. I’m happy with what I got, it’s usually hot all year round where I live, so I could use these.

The last things that I got for myself are our leggings, recently I purchased leggings from Old Navy, I had never owned any leggings from old navy, personally I was a target leggings type of person, but once I had tried the Old Navy leggings, I was in love, absolutely I love how they fit.

The black lady leggings don’t fade fast, target leggings fade fast, they had a deal for five dollars each, so each leggings were five dollars, I got some black ones, because you can always use black leggings, I got some dark grey ones, then I thought I would be fancy with the floral leggings, I don’t know what I’ll wear them with, maybe one of my new tank tops.

But I thought it would be fun to do something out of the my normal color scheme, those are cute, that’s all I got for myself.

Next is for my son, they had a sign for the shirts for boys that said four dollars but when we went to ring up, it said that they were six, if you’re advertising something, you’d better give it to me for that price, the lady was nice and had no problems giving it to us for the four dollars because the sign was sitting there with the clothes that the shirts were four dollars, so they were supposed to be six but we got them for four.

I got my son this one, it’s a pink salmon color with some tractors on it, I got him this one wildlife expert, wildlife expert has a bunch of animals on it, I like this one, lastly I got him this positive attitude shirt, I thought this was cute.

Little boys can always use more shirts, those are four dollars, next I got some tank tops, the women’s tank tops are for two dollars, the girls type tank tops are for two dollars, all the tank tops that I’m going to show you now are two dollars.

I bought them for my youngest daughter who’s turned four, she got this one, it says be kind, she got this one that says girl power, the back is so cute, it’s called a racerback, I’m not too sure, but it’s so cute, this one is for my middle daughter who is eight, she got this green mint one, this white one has a bunch of sunglasses on it.

For my oldest daughter who is ten, we got her this one, it’s grey with some flowers that says love, there are ladybugs and rainbows, the last one which is white has heart on it and it says love, that’s all I got, I spent about $40on the shirts, but we saved a hundred.

The leggings were five dollars each, so it was 15 bucks, I love Old Navy’s clothes, the fabric is durable, they last a long time, the leggings don’t fade as fast as targets does, if you liked this haul, comment down below, let me know if you’re already signed up for a old navy emails, thanks for reading.

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