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Old Navy Credit Card Login Haul Spring

Description: In this article about old navy credit card login, the author is going to show you what she got from the Old Navy Haul. You will get 40% off, it is a good deal. The items from Old Navy Haul is cheap, cute, pretty and comfortable.

It’s Heather, welcome back to my channel, today’s article is going to be about an Old Navy Haul, I got a bunch of new items, I got all of these for 40% off, it was a good deal, the first thing I got is the shirt that I have on, it can be worn, it looks cute with it off the shoulder.

This shirt was originally twenty-two dollars, I got it for$13, it’s cheap, I like it a lot for the spring and the summer, it’s cute, the next thing I picked up is this top, the pattern is pretty and flirty, it has little slits up on the arms, it has wide arm openings, the back has a little pee hole and a little slit, it’s cute, it’s perfect for summer and spring.

The next thing I got is this sweatshirt, it’s plain black, but the back has this cute lattice detail, I don’t know if you can see that, it’s perfect to throw on, it’s lightweight, it’s perfect if you’re going in the gym or if you’re running out to do errands.

I also picked it up in this pretty light pink color, it has the same thing like the V back with the lattice detail,I forgot to mention but the arms have the little thumb hole, you can put your thumb through it, I love popping this on to go to yoga or run out.

The next thing I got is a pair of the active go dry legging, these ones are in the highrise, they come up high, they suck you in and sculpt you out, normally I get most of my leggings from Lululemon but the old Navy Haul is honestly good and much cheaper.

They have so many cute patterns and different colors, I am impressed, so these are the ones that I picked up, they have the little cutout see-through part on the nail, let me put my arms through, they have the little cutout part on the thigh area and down by the shin.

They’re cute, they also have them in a blue color, a navy blue and an olive green color, the olive green is pretty, I’ve got another pair of leggings, these ones are the mid rise, they fit good too, I like the high rise better but these still go up to your belly button.

At least they give you a little bit more support, I love this shade, it’s like wine cranberry, the bottom has this pretty detail, this is see-through, it seems that a rouging thing is going on the bottom, these are cute too, I think that they have these ones and other colors too. These are cute and comfortable, they’re so cheap with the 40% off.

The next thing I got is in the girls section, I got an extra extra-large, it was so cute, it says do what you love, love what you do, it’s the cutest little black, it is very lightweight sweatshirt, then I love the back because it’s a little bit longer, then it has this opening, it’s so cute.

I got my daughter a matching wine, it’s a little bit big on her now because she’s only three, I got her the five year old extra small, it’s so cute, I want to get us matching shirts, I wish that they have more of that stuff in the women’s, I know that they have a lot of the matching stuff, but sometimes they have a lot of cute stuff in the girl’s matches, they don’t have it in woman and the toddler’s.

The last two things I got are sweatpants and joggers, I got a pair of black ones, the material is so comfortable, literally I put them on, I do not want to take them off for two days, they have cute comfortable pockets, they hit perfectly at the ankle, in the back they have one pocket, they fit nice on the waist, they have a drawstring, the material is so nice.

I’m in love with them, then the last pair I got are a pair of joggers in the gray color, these ones have the zippers for pockets, then they have this little extra fabric going on in the knee area, they have one pocket back, that’s everything that I got in today’s haul, thanks for reading.

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