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Target & Old Navy Credit Card Login Haul Channel Update Nesterbug

Description: In the article which centers on old navy credit card login, the author talks about the Old Navy and Target. Old navy provides the latest fashions at great prices for the whole family. Old Navy is known for their signature denim wall of styles that never change.

It’s Nester, I am here today with a channel update with a haul, I went old navy and I went to Target, I can show you what I got, it’s perfect timing because it is spring in summer, we’ll be able to stock up on some spring and summer clothes.

I will give you my channel update, I am only going to be uploading Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week three days in a row, then I’ll take the rest of the week, but I’ll still be watching your videos every day, I’ve realized that Sunday’s family day, Monday and Tuesday is busy for me.

I’m going to format it out for the rest of the year, we’ll see how long that lasts, let’s get started, I bought a few things for father at old, we got these old navy active dry shorts, he likes the go dry brand, they’re at Old Navy, full price of these are $14.99, they were 30% off, he grabbed a pair of those, I think he has the exact ones, he tries to wear them everyday.

We got him a go active dry polo, he’s going to be golfing this weekend, so he’ll probably be happy to have a new one, I think he has an orange and a red one, so this blue one is nice, then I found some stuff for the little buglet, I got a pair of little shorts, they’re bright yellow, that’s the color she wants.

There are three teas still because they’re loose and baggy, they were $10.99 and 30% off, I got this Valentine shirt and clearance for 4.49, it has 3/4 sleeve, I think that will transition well into spring, we got another shirt on clearance.

I don’t know how much it was originally, but it’s a character shirt, somebody had to get that Rapunzel, she was excited, it was on clearance for $4.99, we got this romper, dresses and rompers are on sale for $10 at Old Navy, I didn’t love any of the dresses because they’re all spaghetti strap, she’s three, she needs a sleeve, but we found this romper.

I told her that we might have an issue with potting but we’ll figure it out, when she was a baby, she looks so cute with me, so I can’t wait for her to wear that, we got one more shirt on sale for 5 bucks, that says dance your own beat.

These are her stuff and father’s stuff, they didn’t have anything that I was interested in at Old Navy, so we decided to run to target because I wanted a springy shirt too, we have a couple of barbecues coming up, I got this one at Target, it’s a nice pose.

I got this one at Target, it has the exhilaration brand, it is size large, it was $19.99, I paid full price because when I want to shirt, I want a shirt, then I got a nice around-the-house shirt, this is a five dollar shirt, I like the quality of them, they’re lazy easy tees.

They usually last me the whole year, that works out, I have the dollar spot, so after I found myself a few shirts, I snuck this into the basket, this was three dollars, this is going to go in her Easter basket, she’s been having so much fun with her fairy garden and her little dish pan of dirt.

This is going to go in her Easter basket, this was three dollars, we got two little unicorn things, this one was three dollars, it has the beach ball notes, the unicorn notes, clouds, a notebook and a pen, along with that we got the cute tote with another notebook, some highlighters and some stickers, this one was three dollars well.

I got this little egg container, it’s one dollar, but I’m not going to use it for a container, I’m going to use it for my sponge, mine is not a beauty sponge, but I thought that would be cute on my bathroom counter, I put my sponge in there, they won’t roll away into the air all the time.

I got this for five dollars, this is a 25-piece stationary set, it has little flamingos pad there, there are some pink or some red clips, it’s got a pen, a stapler, many staples and three highlighters, that would be good, there’s the other block.

I got two of these, these were $1.00, they’re sticky notes and paper clips, I love the different shapes of the paper clips, then I got two notepads, this one has eight cards saying bonjour, this one has eight cards that say merci, that’s all.

We had fun this morning, we went out a couple of hours, we rushed home to have lunch, then we dropped a whole gallon of paint on my driveway, I opened the trunk, there’s a gallon of paint, we had to figure out how to use the pressure washer by ourselves and clean that up.

It’s mostly clean except the whole drain is full, so I’m wondering if the neighbors are going to come to yell at us, I hope not, I used the rest of the paint to paint one wall in my bedroom, I guess I’ll be buying another gallon to go paint the rest.

That’s all for story time, thank you for reading, don’t forget to leave me a comment.

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