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Portal ESignatures and Document Sharing in TherapyNotes at Patient Portal

Description: The article is about patient portal. The author teaches us on how to access documents online through the client portal and sign those documents electronically. The author uses an example to show us more information of the process.

We’re going to take a look at the ability to have patients access documents online through the client portal and sign those documents electronically. When a patient signs a document on therapy portal their signature is stored in therapy notes and includes their drawn or generated signature,their legal name and the date and the time of the signature. The original document is not updated with the patient’s signature.

Instead a separate signature record document will be added to the patient’s records referencing the original document. To demonstrate these features we are going to look at a therapy notes account that has documents uploaded. Patient already has a portal account set up.

In this example we are a clinician in the practice. We have made an appointment with a new patient. We’ll call them portal patient. Portal patient has already logged into their portal account. Since we have an upcoming appointment for this patient we want to provide them with our intake paperwork and allow them to electronically sign it.

The first step to doing this is go to the library page. Once inside the document library,we can see the documents available in the practice as well as which ones are eligible to be sent to patients and request a signature. If we’d like to add one of our own documents,we can go to upload file,select a file,name and date the document,select if a document can be sent through the portal and requires a signature and then click add document.

Now that the documents that we need are ready. We can send them to the patient in the form of a document request. To send a document request go to patients,the patient’s name,the portal tab and click shared documents. Creating a document request involves selecting the documents you would like to include either by selecting from the library documents or uploading new ones specific to your patient.Once that is done we’ll add a subject and instructions to the request.

Then forward the documents to the patient by clicking send document request. Patients will receive an email when a document request is made on their therapy portal account. Any created requests and its status can be viewed on the portal tab. To see a list of documents that were sent,click anywhere on the blue box to expand the request.

If you need to make changes to a request,you may do so by clicking the corresponding edit icon for any requests that have not been completed. From this screen you may remove incomplete documents using the X button as well as change the subject or instructions. These Corrections can be saved by clicking update document request and your patient will see these changes in their therapy portal account.

From the same screen you can also discard a request by clicking cancel document request as long as no documents in the request have been completed. If you want to remove a patient’s access to a certain document without deleting it from their chart,go to the patients documents tab,click the corresponding portal icon,click removed from therapy portal and then click remove document. To reverse the process,click display on therapy portal then click display document.

At this point we have sent the documents to the patient and are waiting for their signature. To see if the patient has signed or reviewed their documents,go to the patient’s documents tab. Under the status column,we can see if a document has been signed,reviewed or pending either. To see how a patient will receive and sign their documents,we’re going to jump over to the patient’s therapy portal account.

Any documents that are pending action will appear here on the patient’s homepage. Click the view documents link or the documents main menu item to see the list of pending requests. In this example we have documents that need to be both reviewed and signed. To view a document,click on the documents name or corresponding action button. PBF documents will be displayed directly on the page. The patient can click on the document link to download it.

After a patient has viewed a document either in the browser or by downloading,the document will be marked as reviewed. For a patient to sign a document,they need to click the signed document button. After the patient has read the acknowledgement,they will type their name in the signed by field then choose how they would like to record their signature. They can sign their signature using a mouse on a desktop computer or their finger while on a mobile device.

A signature can also be generated from the typed name. to complete the process the patient needs to click apply signature. If the patient would like to see any documents they have already reviewed or signed,they can go to documents at the top of the page then click on the name of the document in the completed documents table.

Now that the patient has reviewed or signed two of the documents we requested. We’re going to jump back in to the therapy notes account. on the documents tab,we can see that two of our documents are listed as reviewed or signed while one document is awaiting review and a signature. If you need to download a copy of the document or signature record,click the documents name. From there scroll to the bottom and click download packet.

This will give you a zip file that contains the original document and the patient’s signature record each of separate documents. In the event that a patient would give you a physical document instead of an electronic signature,you can upload that document in place of the patient’s signature. To do this go to the patient’s documents tab,click the name of an unsigned document and scroll to the bottom. From there click upload a signed document instead,select the scanned document. Enter the date the document was signed and click upload document.

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