How To Configure Your Developer Portal Login To Use Google Credentials

Description: This passage is mainly about portal login. In this passage, we can know how to configure the developer portal login using Google credentials and how to allow the users to log into your developer portal.

I’m Laura, this is the second article about software’s API management series, in this article, I’m going to show you how to configure your developer portal to allow your users to log into the developer portal with their Google credentials, you can also do this with Facebook and twitter, but I’m going to show you today how to do it with Google plus.

The first thing that we have to do is that we have to configure the Google connector, the second thing that we’ll do is to configure the login, and finally the third thing that we’re going to do is to test, if you would like to try this out for yourself, you can request a free trial at SOA com, but before we begin, you need to get your Google credentials.

I’ve provided the URL below so that you can log in and get your Google credentials, you register the platform as a Google app, you use the values provided by Google to set up the connector, you’re going to need a Google app ID and the Google app shared secret, as you can see, I have no security domains configured.

Let’s add the Google security domain, we will select the Google connector, we will give it a name, we give it a description, this is where I’m going to add my Google client ID and secret or app ID, and secret Google will have provided this to you.

Finally the last step that you only need to do is that if you are an existing user of the solo software API management platform who use the Google open ID relying party for login and have existing users, you need to map to the new Google open ID connect.

We will not need to configure this step and we’ve finished configuring our Google connector, now we configure the Google security domain, we can configure our login to allow our users to use their Google credentials to do that, we click on configure, we click on log in, you can seethe Acme Google login.

We want to enable it, we upload an image, save that and then we can choose how we want the mode, we want it to use either to pop up or appear in the main screen, so I’m going to use it pop up and I’m going to save, now when our users come to our developer portal, they have two different options of logging in.

They can use the platform login which we provide for you or they can use their Google credentials to login, now let’s test our Google login, it’ll prompt you and tell you, this app would like to use your Google credentials, these are the things that are going to be seen from your Google profile, you can accept that those terms.

Next it will pre-fill out some of the information about that Acme requires to log into the platform, you can accept the terms and conditions of using the platform and click finish, and now I’ve used my Google credentials to create an account and log into the Acme developer portal.

Thank you for reading the second article of software’s API management series for how to configure your developer portal to log in or to allow your users to log into your developer portal with their Google credentials, as a reminder, you can do this with Facebook, Twitter and others as well, if you’d like a free trial a software, try this out by yourself, you can do that at SOA com, stay tuned for other articles in this series.

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