How To Login To Parent Portal

Description: This passage is mainly about portal login. In this passage, the writer tells us how to access the students grades through the Parent Portal where the parents can see their kids’ grades as well as what they have done in classes.

This podcast will show you how to access your students grades through the district 100 Parent Portal, the first step is to open your web browser, once you’re on the Internet, in the address bar you need to type in the link for the Parent Portal website, the link is HTTP colon backslash backslash parent portal dot BSD 100 dot o RG, this brings you to the website for information.

Now click on information, the next screen is where you can enter your username and password, if you have not received a username and password from your child’s school, please call their office, type in your username and your password and click login, the first time you log into Parent Portal, you’ll be asked to change your password.

You’ll need to type in the old password once and the new password twice, there are some rules to the new password, be sure to read them, type in your new password twice, then click OK, this will bring you to your students home page so that you can view their grades on the left side, under the student information tab, you’ll see a tab for grades, click on grades once.

Here you can see all of your students grades for every class, they’re in the first column that shows the course or their class, the next shows the teacher for that class, what period the class is for your student and finally what their average or their current grade is in that class, as you can see, this student is getting 100 percent or an A+ in their PE class.

They’re getting a 98.5 7% or an A in their social studies class, if you want to see specific grades on individual assignments, you need to click on the A for activities, this will bring up a screen that will show you each assignment that your student has turned in in the class and the grade that they’ve received.

It shows you the date of the assignment, the category and the name of the assignment, if the assignment is graded, it means that if it counts for a grade, if it is dropped, if they are excused from it, if it’s included in their grade as well as if it’s late, you can see that this student has turned in this assignment late because there’s a reason.

It will also show you the score for that assignment, now if the score isn’t listed, it means that the teacher has not entered in the grades for that specific assignment, some assignments have comments that teachers have added, if you click on the plus button, you can see that if a teacher has added a comment.

The minus button will make the comment disappear, if you want to look at a center grades for other classes, you simply need to click your browser’s back button, this will bring you back to the main home page, so you can see your students grades, thank you for reading and being involved in your students success, always make sure to log out when you have done.

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