How To Integrate Microsoft Office365 and Salesforce Login

Description: The article is about salesforce login. The author introduces something about the CloudHQ. The CloudHQ solved the problem about how to get the Salesforce and SharePoint to communicate and how to avoid uploading manually.

I’m Naomi,the co-founder at CloudHQ. Cloud HQ solved two big issues that every single organization is currently facing,we have saw the huge collaboration issue and we tried to solve it. For example,somebody is using Salesforce and then another person is using SharePoint,how do you get the two to communicate? There’s going to be a lack of communication,but it will not happen on CloudHQ. We can sync them together for you. Anything that’s done on SharePoint can easily be seen immediately in real time in Salesforce.

Not only do we solve this collaboration issue,we also solve the different issue. The issue is to make sure that all of your data should be backed up. For example there are other applications that are being introduced into your company,you need to make sure that company asset should be captured and should be backed up properly.

How to backup your data? You need to make sure that your employees are backing up their data,they don’t know how to do that. It’s not their job,it is your job. What can we do? We can make these syncs to make sure that all these different applications are incorporated into your organization so you can go ahead and safely back them up with cloudHQ.

I will take an example here. For example you are using Office365 as your primary cloud platform and you are using salesforce as your application because everybody needs to have CRM. Salesforce is one of the leading CRM systems that exists today. Some are using these two awesome platforms. We have a project manager and the project manager is in SharePoint,here are SharePoint in Office365.

There are lots of cool things you can do with sharepoint,a lot of people don’t know a site called project site. You should check this out project site. It sounds like slack or basecamp or project management tool. Steroids is so powerful that you’re able to upload different kinds of information which you simply can’t access in other applications. If you haven’t checked out project site in SharePoint,you should check it out.

You have different people collaborators who are accessing your project site. What happens when you have other collaborators who upload a file is too big? There are often all these different files that have to be uploaded but they’re too large to upload. That means you need to manually download them,you need to manually upload them and you have to make sure that everything is its current version.

This tool project site in SharePoint is so powerful but often it not keep up to date. CloudHQ is a perfect solution for that. You don’t ever have to do anything manually or upload anything manually or make sure that you have the most current version,you can forget about that. CloudHQ will do all that for you. You can have those things finished in the cloud through cloudHQ.

How do we do it? We can sync both ways. We can sync one way up to you but this is awesome because we can do it for ourselves. For example in your account in Salesforce,there are call logs,if you get a project happening in project site SharePoint,you don’t have to find out do we contact that client,everything will be perfectly synched in real time to your SharePoint project site.

Anytime anybody calls that person in accounts,it will be logged in Salesforce and it is safe in SharePoint,anybody with access to your SharePoint will be able to see all the activities that are happening in your Salesforce account in that particular client account.

We can do that both. You need to have reports in there. You can sync it and you will have a report immediately available in SharePoint. We all know how the BP likes,we can manipulate them to understand their numbers. You have number projections that we get to look at,everything is done for you,you never have to go and manually download or manually upload anything.

It’s such a pain in the neck. Imagine you are getting PNG files from a collaborator who is a designer,in that account in your project site you need to have images to download and to upload. It is painful,it is time-consuming. You have everything in the cloud so that you don’t ever have to do any of these manual things again.

This is how we do it. Everything is syncing in both ways in real time,this is our major solutions. We can sync everything in real time. You can always have your reports in your project site in SharePoint or in excel,you can have your accounts and all your call logs immediately accessible in your project site,you never have to worry about that.

They are all done for you,you have nothing to download in the cloud. The secondly important is that you need to make sure everything is protected. You need to make sure that you’ve backed up all your information. We all know this is a great way. If anything happens,we can immediately make it back up to our cloud storage.

Everybody is happy,your employees are happy,your collaborators are happy and most importantly you’re happy. You can email us at We have over a dozen cloud IT infrastructure specialists willing to talk to you. Our team has seven years experience,we have employees who have over 23 years of experience,we want to understand how you function your business. We can tailor a specific and most helpful suggestion about how to make your workplace more efficient,but it is still up to you.

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