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A Review of Sinclair Community College at Portal. Com

Description: The article below gives us some information about the 130th anniversary of Sinclair, some feedback given by the teachers of the school about the students’ performance and achievements at school and after graduations.

Sinclair is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, we serve a number of students from those who are in high school to those that might be 70 to 80 years old and we embrace that notion. We feel that if you’re ready to learn, we’re ready to help you.

CBE is important to the modern student and the way they expect to learn, because it is more close to the mirrors which are about the type of culture we’re living in adapting our classrooms to suit that style of learning and those expectations is not just an option at most. The other component that serves military students very well is flexibility.

I work typically Monday through Friday 634, but bright space online, it’s easier for me or for someone that works full-time, so you can schedule your school around your work instead of working around school as an academic coach.

Success for me in competency-based education would mean that we were able to offer education to students that maybe we wouldn’t have been able to reach.

Otherwise, when bright space came along, it made it so much easier the old system, it would possibly take me a whole day to move files and pictures and things that I was using for tests today. I can do it in a half hour 45 minutes, instructors go straight on right, space allows me to do that too. Because I’ve got the ability to go in and work with each student individually, I like the way it lets me look back and see when somebody has logged in, I can see if he has taken a test and how many minutes he spent on the test.

If a student takes an hour and a half to do a test, I’ve made the test a little too hard. It allows me to evaluate a lot of things that I’ve done, let alone what the students does very user friendly especially on the teaching in. After finishing his first competency-based course, he sat down with me and said please tell me what else I could do with this course and where it could take me.

When I see students who are prepared and they’re going to do well, it makes me proud that they’ve come from Sinclair. I get my greatest satisfaction from seeing the students progress, I like seeing how they understand and what they’re learning can be used in the real world. Not every student has the same set of needs, we think it’s really important to reach every learner where they’re at.

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