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Description: The following article is basically giving us the information about Sinclair Community College, some opportunities the college can bring to the students and how high the quality of life students can have there.

Sinclair offers more than 170 programs and works closely with our region’s industries to provide the retraining degrees and certificates that meet today’s needs, and those of emerging industry. You need an education to get a good job and if you live in the Miami Valley, you need Sinclair, it’s a fact people who attend college are more likely to get higher paying jobs and advance in their careers with the lowest tuition in the state.

Sinclair Community College is your opportunity for a better quality of life, whether it’s a two-year degree certificate, advance job training or a great start on a bachelor’s degree. Sinclair will help you get ahead, in today’s global, economy education is the only way to secure a good job over 80% of the best jobs in Ohio require education beyond a high school diploma people with two-year degrees earn 20% more per year than high school graduates. And those with bachelor’s degrees earn 84 percent more over a lifetime than those with only a high school diploma.

In the last 10 years, more than 160 7,000 people enrolled at Sinclair Community College; more than 85% of Sinclair’s alumni live or work in Ohio, most in the Miami Valley, which is crucial for our area’s economy major growth in industries, like information technology, advanced manufacturing and bioscience, and technology, which means that our region needs an educated and skilled workforce.

Sinclair instructors are top-notch and they’re teaching us on the latest technology every day, Sinclair offers their education that no one can beat it, it prepared me for my bachelor’s as well as the career field.

I’ll be graduating here with my associates virtually, I absolutely believe that Sinclair prepared me for the real world, because without the training and the knowledge they bestowed upon me, I would not have been able to gain the job I have now.

Sinclair is very effective in keeping up with the changing pace of Technology, new advances are being made on a daily basis. As the technology evolves, the training has to evolve with it and Sinclair is taking a very proactive approach.

Sinclair is able to help our employees understand the complex issues and training required for bioscience manufacturing, they break it down, put it on a level that they can learn as adults.

And when they come back, we’re able to put them to work here, nobody does that better than Sinclair. Sinclair is committed to providing access to education and training in the fastest growing careers skills that make graduates more desirable for good jobs. And a successful future our region depends on a diverse economy and demands an educated and skilled workforce.

Sinclair educates and trains graduates and keeps our area competitive in a global market, Sinclair provides the opportunity for good jobs, great careers success in life, success starts at Sinclair.

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