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Description: The article is about sinclair portal. The content refers to a narration about Emily Smith who is a veteran, he wants to tell us some brief details about the period when he experienced a lot as a veteran, we can see some stories during that time.

My name is Emily Smith, I used to be a medic in the Air Force, I didn’t necessarily want to be a medic, but that’s what I ended up, are you afraid of blood? I said no, so they made me a medic, but I spent six years doing that, I worked in family health first and then I deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan for six months.

Then I came back and I worked in the ICU for about another two years before I finally get out, basically the reason why I even joined the military was that my whole family, my mother, father, grandfather, uncle, they were all in the army, so they told me all their armies stories.

I thought it was cool, when I was considering going in, they don’t go army, so I went to Air Force and then they made fun of me for going airforce, but I joined out of interest and I needed a job other than fast food and waitressing, I signed up for computers that couldn’t get my computer job, because I didn’t know that I owed $2,000 to some place.

You can’t get a top secret with that stuff, so you’re afraid of blood, but it’s six years one deployment and I got out, because I had my daughters and I didn’t want to deploy way from them, it was definitely different, after I came back from deployment, I noticed that people to complain about small things, I’m coming back from a place where you can’t do anything, you’re getting bombed all the time and you appreciate the little things.

You don’t complain so much, but after a month or so, I’m complaining about the same stuff, but the biggest difference I think is the personal space and the attitude, so people aren’t as in-your-face in the civilian world, there’s a lot more leeway with things like that.

I’ll get to it in the military, but I came to Sinclair out of interest initially, I was going to finish medical and become the coder and biller, so I was going to take the medical knowledge and you know not do so much hands-on, but more paperwork and the person came in or the leg injury, that’s the code.

I didn’t want to continue with medical, it wasn’t a good thing, it is not my forte, so I wanted to have a lot of land for myself like five plus acres, so that got me into the real estate area which I switched my major to business entrepreneurship first and then I went to real estate, I’m also going to try property management internship and I’m hoping to get one of those.

I was considering real estate sales, but I don’t think I could do that, it’s one of those jobs where my husband would be able to handle it because of the hours, so if family shied me away from that one, but with the appraisal stuff, you set your own hours, I’m going to do 12 jobs this week, you go Sinclair, it is great, because I always have some reasons, I don’t know why.

But I had a low opinion of community colleges, I thought if you can’t do anything else, you go to Community College, but then I come here and everybody is nice and helpful, I even met the president and he was nice and he seemed that he genuinely cares about the school and the students which are refreshing.

Because I don’t know if it’s the military or my interactions, but the people at the top, they’re not usually that nice, I like Sinclair and I talk it up, you tell my friends and stuff, saving me money, but it’s nice, I love being here, because other places, the people are not nice, they don’t seem to care much, I’m here to do my job and I’m going to go home, you repeat, but it seems that people here genuinely care about the people that they’re working with.

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