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Verizon Fios Login Bridging A Verizon Fios Actiontec Router Walkthrough

Description: The article is about verizon fios login. This is an introduction about how to bridge to Verizon in action tech wireless routers together. The author gives methods on how to bridge to Verizon in action tech wireless routers together.

Today I want to show you how to bridge to Verizon in action tech wireless routers together. I will tell you the reason that you might want to do this. You have a router by your computer that gives off a good connection but it doesn’t distribute the connection throughout your house such as in your bedroom or in somewhere upstairs,you’re not getting a good internet connection. You have two wireless routers,you can do this to improve your signal strength throughout your house.

I’m going to do it with two of the same routers which is the the default verizon fios action tech wireless router that they give you when they do the installation. I have my master,this is my Wi-Fi settings,I have the master router selected,your master router would be the router that you’ve had set up and the longest one that’s closest to your computer.

I will label mine as master. You can have it labeled. What I’ve done is that I have set up another router in my bedroom which is this router up here that I haven’t named yet. You need to have two batters set up in two different locations in your house or apartment,I have both of them on. What you’re going to do is that you’re going to turn off your master router and have this new router that you set up on. I’m going to turn off my master router.

I have turned off my master router so the only router that I have connected to the Internet is the new router that I set up. The reason that I did this is that there are a lot of issues with different connections when you have two routers plugged into a coaxial location,otherwise this whole tutorial would be pointless because you could have two routers plugged in at the same time,it would defeat the whole purpose.

It’s not going to let you have both of them plugged in at the same time,you’ll disconnect and reconnect to the two different routers as you are trying to change settings. Sometimes you won’t even notice that you’ve changed routers and you could change settings.

That’s why we turned it off,when I say turned off,it is physically turn it off,it is unplugging the plug. It’s on under your network preferences but you know it’s off because you turned it off.

What you’re going to do is that you need to connect to your new router,the new one still has the default name that a verizon gave it. We’re connected to that,we’re going to pull up our browser,we’re going to navigate it to this address,it is,this is your default gateway that connects to your router.

We’ll go ahead and sign in. The first thing that we’ll do is that once we sign in,we will go to wireless settings and make sure that the SSID matches the name of the router that we’re connected to. We need to make sure that we’re connected to that router. I am going to make things a little bit easier,I’m going to rename this to bridge. I’ll apply the settings. It’s going to temporarily disconnect. I renamed it to bridge,it’ll make more sense to you.

My other router is named master,this one’s named bridge. We’ll go ahead and we’ll let this reconnect,it will take some minutes. We’ll select bridge. We’ll go back to our router. We are at the main page. We’re going to start bridging this router. We’ll go to wireless settings,we need to make sure that it says SSID and the name which we renamed it that is bridge.

What we’ll do is that we’ll go to the main page,we’ll go to my network and find network connections,then we’re going to go to broadband connection for the coaxial. We’ll click that. We will go to settings.

If this set up to by default,you’ll have this. It’ll say release in a box. It’ll say release. You’ll click release and then under Internet Protocol,we’re going to select no IP address. Mine doesn’t have this little box. You’ll see this,you’ll click release. Under Internet Protocol,you can click no IP address.

Once you get this,it pops back up,you will have more red space down here. You’ll know that you did what you wanted to do. You can click apply,once we click apply,it might say cable disconnection here. What we’ll do is that we’ll go up to network and home office. We will go to settings. We’re going to check off this box.

We’ll check out the box for STP under wireless access point,we can scroll down to the bottom and click apply,there’s going to be a warning. You can click apply. We’ll wait for the settings to take effect. At this point you’ve essentially bridged the one router to the other. There are a couple things that we can do to make sure the connections bridge.

The settings are done. We’ll go ahead and exit them out of our browser. What you’re going to do now is that you need to go and turn your master router back on and leave your new bridge on as well. I’m going to go do that,I am going to turn on my master router.

I have turned on my master router,we’re going to go up to our network preferences,we’re going to select our bridge,we’ll see our master router is on,we will select our bridge network. What we’ll do is that we’ll open up our browser again,we’ll go to the address,we’re going to go to wireless settings.

We’ll see that we’re still working with our bridge connection,this means that the routers are currently communicating with each other. In a couple minutes I can click around,you’ll see I have gone back to the login page.

This means the routers have communicated and the connection is now established,it is linking the one router to the master router. That means I’m connected to my bridge router,when I go to sign into my routers gateway,I’m connecting to my master router. We can see that I’m connected to the master router even though I’m connected to the bridge router.

This means when you cannot connect to your router settings,you cannot get to this page for your new bridged router unless you plug an Ethernet cable from your computer into the router and disconnect from Wi-Fi. Then you’ll be able to sign in and make changes to your Bridget router.

Let’s make sure that we can connect to the internet. This means that we have a bridge connection. I can connect to the internet from this room where this router is locating. I’ll get a better connection than I have it from the router in another room.

You need to double-check all the steps and make sure you file everything correctly,you need to make sure if you’re having issues to restore to factory default settings,every time you attempt to do this,you need to make sure that you’re getting rid of any of settings. Other than that hopefully it works for you like it worked for me.

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