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Verizon FIOS Login MI424WR Rev I Setup As An Access Point Extend Your Wifi Network

Description: The article is about verizon fios. The passage is about how to set up as an Access Point. The author gives some useful and simple suggestions on how to set up as an Access Point. You can follow those steps to learn to how to set up as an Access Point.

Some of you may have run across a MI 424 WR revision I frontier router,it has a coax connector on it,it seems to be too difficult to put the third-party firmware on it.

Now I’m not going to go over everything about setting up an AP,I’m going to cover the essentials for people. You may have already set up a DD work router as an AP or maybe another brand and have gotten stumped on this one and can’t figure it out,I am going to give you the solutions.

It says router stop status,check your broadband connection,we need to make sure it is disconnected. This is an invalid error. I assume you know how to set up the wireless settings on here. There are the restrictions. Your SSID can’t have spaces or it can’t have special characters either.

The password has to have a number and letter in it,it is the stipulations. It is not the minimum definition of Wi-Fi networking. You’re going to make sure that you have set that correctly. The first thing that you want to set is firewall settings. Before you start changing these other settings,you need to say yes. You can change it to minimum,you can go to remote administration. You need to change it to minimum and choose apply.

You need to change this allow section. When you’re on your network,you’re not connected though the Wi-Fi or the Ethernet ports on this box,you’re connected to your network through your main Wi-Fi router,you need to access this and leave this like I’ve made it here and choose apply.

It comes the fun part,you can go to network. This is how it is configured. I have examples of clients who have already connected. Now it’ll say static,I think what it’s doing is a probe. It didn’t assign these IP addresses to these clients but it can see them. It’s claiming that they’re static.

They’re dynamic but they’re dynamic from the main DHCP server but from not this box. You can go to the network connections and this is where the real magic happening. You can click on this. It’ll say advanced and then I’ll choose basic.

You need to make it arrange like this. I’ve renamed network bridge,this is a network bridge. I’ve renamed it,you can look for that icon,you can click on here. I’m going to show you the screens and then you can make mental notes. You can compare this with which on your screen.

You need to make sure that your screen looks same as this. You need to go to settings,you need to make sure yours looks the same as this. You can click apply and get your back arrow on your browser and click your back arrow again go into your broadband. It looks like this.

You don’t have to disable the coax link,you can leave it alone or you can play with this it. If you change anything on here,you need to make sure that you make a backup of the settings first. If you want to reset it,you can go back to where it works and apply to those settings,then you need to go back to my browser again and click back one more time,you should look at the wireless access point settings until you notice it says DMZ.

This is very simple to set up. You’re changing this to DMZ,you can go back again and go to your Ethernet coax. I don’t know why they call it Ethernet coax. I can figure out that these are your land ports and you can set it for DMZ. You can play with these settings instead of obtaining a picture DNS server address automatically.

Try to maybe set it statically and set it to be the same,you’re given an IP that’s on your network,I don’t know the point of that,but if you want to get rid of this error message up here,it definitely works in this set up. You can plug in both computers to the Ethernet ports and wireless clients and they can both talk to transparently to other computers on the network that are plugged into the LAN port.

When you bring in your Ethernet connection to this box,you need to plug it into the LAN port. But it seems to mirror everything on the Ethernet ports,these will be shown as connected if you plug in a client and then apply your settings. This is disabled , you don’t have to change anything on here.

If you go into advanced and you look at date and time,date and time will work,this might be off. It doesn’t seem to know what the correct daylight savings time is but you can set that up. You have to update every 24 hours and you can see it successfully synched.

If you turn off the DHCP server on here only and plug in your existing network into one of the ethernet ports and configure your Wi-Fi,this will not work because it will only look at the broadband. Now you can save your settings.

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