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Verizon FiOS Login Wireless Router Change Password and Router Name

Description: The article is about verizon fios login. This is an introduction about how to change the password and network name oon your Verizon Fios wireless router. The author uses the easiest way to show us how to change the password and network name oon your Verizon Fios wireless router.

I’m going to show you how to change the password and network name on your Verizon FiOS wireless router. Verizon FiOS gives you a router and modem combo box which has a generic network name and generic WEP key password that is a bunch of letters and numbers.

It is annoying to give people a password that it’s a random set of letters and numbers. This is a nicer way to set up your network with a WPA key. It is more secure and easier to give out the password. You can use letters and numbers rather than hexadecimal characters 0 through 9 and A through F.

We’re going to do that today,we’re going to start off by opening your web browser and entering,it’s going to ask you to log in. the default login for FiOS routers is username admin,password,password. The only exception is that if you have a d-link router which is this one pictured here,then you can leave the password blank and use the username admin.

For all the other four routers which you see here that Verizon uses,you need to provide the default, username admin,password and password. We’re going to go ahead and log in here. They will probably ask you to change it when you log in,so you can do that when you log in.

Now we’re going to go to Wireless settings,we are going to go to basic settings. Here is where you can change the SSID name on your router,this is the little name that pops up on your wireless utility. In my neighborhood,all these people have the default name except for this person. You can see the default router name on their router. They are a random list of numbers and letters. I changed mine to an actual name which suits me.

We’re going to go down to the number four box,this is where we’re going to stay off. We need to return the wep key off. WEP key is a very insecure key,I don’t know why Verizon gives you a WEP key for your router,it’s only 64-bit. You can only use hexadecimal numbers which are zero to nine and A through F in your passcode. This is my old password which uses the WEP key,you can see how long it is.

When you give that to someone,you have to write it down on a slip of paper and hand it to them,it is very annoying to share the password with people. You’re going to click apply. Once you click apply,you’re going to be disconnected from your Wi-Fi momentarily,you are going to have to go into your airport utility.

You can click on the the network that you renamed,after you renamed your wireless network,you can click on that name. You can connect back to it. There shouldn’t be a password on it now. You shouldn’t have to enter anything. Now after you do that,it should reload the page and you can come back to wireless settings and go to advanced now. You can click WPA.

I liked using WPA,you can use wpa2,sometimes with older devices there’s a compatibility issue so I stick with the WPA because you don’t know what devices people can bring in your house and you never know what problems you might come in contact with. So I choose WPA .

You can pick a password,I don’t know if there’s a character limit,it can get long letters and numbers,you can put in there. I will choose ASCII because you use it to get a bunch of different letters and numbers. I use the tkip and AES encryption,this is a compatibility.

You can choose both in that way there’s not going to be a compatibility issue. You should keep this the way it is and click apply. When you apply it will once again disconnect you from the wireless,you have to go back,it’ll ask you for the password,you can enter the password that you put in there and it should connect you back to your wireless network.

If everything goes successful,you will have successfully changed the network name and password on your router. If something goes wrong and for whatever reason you can’t get into your router the password,the network name doesn’t change or the password doesn’t change properly,you can always reset the router, on the back of each of the Verizon FiOS routers,there is a little reset button that’s recessed into the little box,you can get a pencil or something in poke and hold it for 30 seconds,it will reset it to the defaults.

The Verizon FiOS should have given you the password. But if you forget the password,you can come back in here and go to the basic settings and your default web key password. The logins will all be reset as well. You should be able to get in here and find your password if something goes wrong. But if it doesn’t goes wrong,you will have a nice newly named and password protected network by using your verizon fios wireless router.

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