How to Join Cisco Webex Login Meeting

Description: The following passage mainly focuses on webex login, which shows you how to join the web ex meeting. You can manage your WebEx accounts including upgrading your plans, paying your bills, changing your profile or password and reviewing your plans and usage.

This is the small tutorial for using WebEx conference calling system, we already have got an email for invitation to this WebEx system, I have this test meeting, I will click this join WebEx meeting, it can open a browser where you have to enter your name.

I’ll put test at test.com, I have to join this meeting, it will start the interface, this is the interface of Cisco WebEx meeting Center, what we have to do is that we have to call using this computer, it will connect your call to the meeting from your laptop, it costs nothing, it’s completely free.

I am in this meeting, you can see this test conference, we have some options, we can enable our camera enable or disable our microphone, we can mute, apart from this we can chat in this chat box, everybody can see this chat, otherwise we can send the personalized messages to the attendees from this window.

Apart from this we have option of sharing application, we are going to share PowerPoint slides or our screen with our colleagues, we will click application, it will give us the applications list for me, there is no PowerPoint, I have to search for PowerPoint.

I will click other options, PowerPoint should be here, I will click or double click this, it will open the PowerPoint or my recent slide, this is the slide I am going to share with everyone, everyone can see the slide, I will browse it, it will work.

Once that has been done, I will stop sharing, I’ll go back to my routine screen, from this WebEx meeting center we can record a session for further use or for training purposes, we can use a whiteboard and the different options, text and pens and styles.

We can have this meeting in foyer, this is audio connection, if you don’t have internet connection and laptop with you, you can use your cell phone or landline to connect directly into this meeting, you have to dial this Australian door or if you are in UK or any other place, you can come to a crown and dial this number.

Then it will ask for access code, you will put this access code 588326856, it is also mentioned in the email you have got, this is the meeting number, you have to press hash or pound key, then you have to enter this meeting password.

Then you can directly jump into this meeting, we open our browser again, that’s all from the meeting point of view, this is a tutorial for joining this web ex meeting, it is not a very difficult thing, maybe this article will help you and make it easy, thank you.

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