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Description: The following article mainly has the topic about webex login, which shows you how to schedule and host a Webex. Webex builds the best workplace for your team and connect your work to the meeting room. It’s live teamwork whether you’re in the room or not.

This article centers on how to use WebEx which is the software where the conference is made available for online meetings, to start with you’ll need to open up your web browser, go to meetings.WebEx.com, you will log in, login information is currently saved on Basecamp.

If you need access to that, you can email me and I would be happy to do that, click sign in, one thing to remind you is that everybody signs in under the same account, you’re going to see all the meetings that have been set up for everybody.

If I want to schedule a meeting, I will come to the top and click on meetings, then I have an option, if I want to start a quick meeting now, that can be used, most people come in and schedule one for an upcoming time, I’ll show you where your upcoming meeting is.

You click schedule and give it a title, make sure that it’s a title that’s descriptive, we’re going to say test meeting for training, come down and say when the meeting’s going to be, it’s straightforward, it’s going to be Friday the 7th, it’s going to start at noon, it’s going to last for two and half hours.

The other thing I can do is that I can get lists of people who are invited to attend the meeting, then I can type some more, if there are additional people that we want to invite, we will keep adding, if you did somebody by accident, you can hit this button not remove them.

Because they have been invited, they’re going to get an email that tells them all the information they need to have for the meeting, you can optionally add an agenda or some files that this meeting is going to need, if you’re discussing something or you have a printed agenda, you can attach those files on, you can give a password to the meeting so only certain people can attend, normally we won’t do that.

The most important thing is the ones that are starred, what, when and then optionally the email addresses for the people who are invited, let me click schedule it, it gets scheduled, I get back, here’s my title test meeting for training, here’s what, here is who’s invited, that’s the host.

If you’re hosting a meeting, you didn’t invite somebody that you need to invite, it is more of a public meeting or you want to send your own email inviting people, what you need to do is to come into this screen which gives you the details about your meeting.

Click more information, here is meeting URL, you need to copy that and send that out, that’s the link that the participants will need to click, if they’re going to call in using a normal phone as opposed to using on their computer sound, they’re going to need this phone number and the meeting number.

When they call this number, it’s going to ask them for their meeting number, you can copy and paste the URL, the phone number and the meeting number into an email, that’s what all people are going to need, some people who are maybe traveling or don’t have a computer available to them can call in using the phone number and the meeting number.

They do not need to do anything on the computer if they don’t want to, let’s take a look at the invitation that I received, this is what will show up in anybody’s who you invite to the meeting through the invitation process, they’re going to see this.

It’s going to say that Yellowstone conferences invite you to WebEx, it’s about when, how long, clicking that link to join, the audio information on how to call and access and if there are any files attached to it, those will show up, that’s all the information that a participant needs to know.

If it becomes Friday at 7 o’clock or it’s Friday at noon, it’s time to start my meeting, I can log into the same account, I’ll see my upcoming meetings, I’ll select the one I want to start, it’s Friday7th, I’ll click on that, when it’s time to start a meeting, as the host I can start it.

As the host you need to login to start the meeting, everybody who’s a participant doesn’t need to log into anything, all they need are this information, the link and the dial-in information which is included in that the email that they got or alternately if you’ve posted this somewhere where they can get it.

As the host you need to log in, I’ll start it so that we can look at it, it’s going to have to launch a different separate program to start the meeting, it’s going to ask you a question, I can call, I can use the audio from my computer as the way I call in.

I’m going to use the telephone information, when you call in with this information, it’s going to give you the chance to enter your attendee ID, you should do that if you can, now that I have logged in, I’m loading this host, this little button will turn on my webcam.

If I want to share webcam, that’s going to eat up more bandwidth on the Internet, if you’ve got somebody who’s on a slower internet connection, you don’t need them to turn on their webcam, I would avoid it, sometimes it’s nice but it’s not necessary.

You can send texts and text type of messages to people in the meeting, you can send to everyone, if there are other people logged in, you can click this,, you can select their name and send any message directly to one person, finally WebEx allows you not only to do conference call, you can hear each other and you can see each other.

As the host I can share my the desktop of my computer by clicking this big button share my desktop, then I can show documents or look at webpages, that’s a useful tool to collaborate on something, this is the basic meeting information for you to know.

Then ultimately you can add a whiteboard which gives you a space to draw or type text, this is the collaborative space that everybody can see, you can work together, that’s all about the basics of starting a scheduling and starting a WebEx.

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