WebEx Login Tutorial Key Features

Description: In this article about webex login, the author is going to show you how easy Webex Meetings makes hosting webinars, sharing screens and attending online meetings. You can drive success by connecting with your audience and completing projects faster.

This on-demand recording will provide you with a quick overview of some of the Cisco WebEx features and capabilities. WebEx is a web-based platform that allows you to collaborate more effectively by streamlining the entire meeting process by providing a highly secure online space for sharing all your meeting related information such as your documents, applications as well as your entire desktop.

You’ll be able to interact with your attendees through high definition video as well as integrated voice communication, you can easily schedule meetings by logging into your WebEx account from any computer that has internet access or even your mobile device.

You can also use our productivity tools, web explorer activity tools include integrations with other programs such as Microsoft, Outlook as well as Lotus Notes, when you schedule a meeting, your attendees will receive a simple email invitation with the link to take from directly to the meeting.

Once in the meeting you’ll be able to share any content you have access to from your computer all in real-time, attendees that join a mobile devices can also share content from their own device as well, let me give you a quick walk through what it looks like from my computer and show you how easy it is to share content as well as walk you through some of the interface.

To the right of the screen you’ll see my arrow pointing toward the participants list, the participants list will show you anyone who’s joined your meeting, the phone icon indicates that they have dialed in through the telephone, headset icons indicate that they’re here to the voice-over-IP using their computer speakers as well as built-in microphone.

Attendees that join of mobile devices will have a little bubble device icon next to their name, the chat window can be used to send out messages publicly or privately which can also allow attendees a chat among themselves, in this case you’ll see the recorder panel that indicates that I’m recording the meeting.

Keep in mind that you can record an archive of all of your meetings, you can also launch polls in your needs, the polling feature allows you to launch as many polls as we’d like at any time, you can save and share those results, as the presenter you’ll be able to view your PowerPoint notes.

Keep in mind that those are private so the attendees will not be able to see those notes. only the presenter will be able to see those. the notes feature allows you to take notes in the meeting, you can activate those for your attendees as well.

On left side of the screen what you’re looking at is a PowerPoint presentation, on the left side I have the option to instantly share various presentations by clicking on the share drop to menu and selecting file, this allows them to browse my computer to locate the file to share.

Once I open it up, it gives me a tab for each presentation that I’m sharing, keep in mind that you can also instantly share your entire desktop, desktop sharing allows you to share all of your applications or documents at once, in this case I have an excel sheet already running, you need to go over some numbers and be able to make those real-time changes.

You can do that in your meeting, you can pass control of the application or even your entire desktop to an attendee in your meeting, in case you need to work on for example an excel sheet, you’re working on some designs or even using a browser-based application, you’ll be able to pass that control around.

In case you’re working on some changes, you’ll be able to save them and offer a copy of the file to your attendees as well, keep in mind that you have the option to instantly share your desktop and share multiple applications or documents all at once.

If you don’t want to share your entire desktop, you can easily choose to share one specific application, by clicking on the share drop to menu and select an application you’ll see a list of all your running applications, you can choose to launch a new one.

You can also activate the virtual whiteboard, this allows you to draw and annotate using the annotation tools above my arrow, these annotation tools can also be used over your presentations and documents, you can save those annotations, it’s a great in case you are brainstorming, you’ll be able to use the annotations activate those for your attendees, you are able to save those and offer them to the attendees as well.

Web content allows you to share a live webpage, so you could bring up a live web page which allows your attendees to browse that specific site, maybe it’s an online web-based form that you want them to fill out, they’ll be able to do that in a little time.

Web browser allows you to share one specific browser so that the attendees will follow you through a specific site that you’re sharing, you’ll notice that on the right of the screen the participants list is a little red X icon that indicates that phone line.

In this case that headset has been muted, you have control of the meeting meaning you can meet out attendees as needed, you can also pass the presenter ball to any attendee which allows them to share their applications or documents as well.

Keep in mind that anyone who joins your meeting will be able to share their applications or documents whether they’re on a computer or even a mobile device, as long as they have the content they’d like to share on that device, they’ll be able to do that as well.

With WebEx you’ll be able to take yourself as well as others to live video, you can use anything that is USB or firewire based like a basic webcam or even a video camera, attendees that join on mobile devices can also share their video.

They can activate their own video panels and view the panels for the attendees as well, the active speaker feature will automatically switch video based on the person who’s speaking, you’ll see in this screenshot, the active speaker feature will bring up the person to the main video panel.

You can view up to six participants at a time or scroll through various video panels by using the thumbnails at the bottom, if there’s more than six people in your meeting and they’re all sharing video, you can scroll across by using the thumbnails.

With WebEx’s integrated communication you can use teleconferencing as well as voice over IP, with the teleconferencing you can set it up with global tool, toll-free numbers can also activate the callback feature, the callback feature allows your attendees to type in a phone number where they want to be reached at, the system will automatically call them back.

Voice over IP allows you to use your computer speakers and built-in microphones, if you happen to have a headset and microphone that you connect directly to a computer, you can use that as well, as I mentioned as the host of the meeting you’re able to mute out phone lines as needed so that there’s no interruption in your meeting.

You can also activate the mute on entry feature that mutes any attendee, with WebEx’s recording capabilities you’ll be able to record and capture your entire meeting, the recorder will capture any content that was being shared including all of your audio and video.

You can save the recordings to your WebEx account or save it directly to your own computer, you can also allow your attendees to record the meeting as well, you can edit your recordings, once the meeting is done you can send a link to that recording to anyone who joined your meeting or anyone else for that matter.

This is great for training sessions, they’ll be able to use that link to refer back to that recording at any time, keep in mind that WebEx supports multiple platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux users can also join on mobile devices, share content from your device, take yourself to video as well as even schedule your meetings and log into your WebEx account.

WebEx offers various security options from meeting password protection through single sign-on and to-end data encryption, strict network and data center security to ensure the highest levels of privacy and data integrity.

Cisco WebEx is reliable with highly secure data centers located strategically near major Internet access points worldwide, routing data, audio and video on dedicated high bandwidth fibre to eliminate lag time and interruptions in your meetings.

As I mentioned you can meet online with any device such as your iPhone, Android, iPad and other wireless or 3G and 4G mobile devices and tablets, we are also cross-platform supported for Windows, Mac and Linux users, thank you for taking the time to view this on-demand overview.

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