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How to Use The Wilson School District’s New Family Access Information Update Portal Com

Description:  This tutorial is intended to teach you how to use the Wilson School District’s new family access information update portal to update the information of children.

This is an article about Wilson School District’s new family access information update portal. When you log into family access by using the username and password provided by the school district, you’re going to see a new field along the left-hand side, that’s entitled update family information, when you click on that field, you will notice that all of your children will pop up, all you need to do is click on the first child that you would like to update for the first child.

You’ll see that it changes, read the article to know that you are doing the right thing and you’ll also notice that all the steps to complete this, then click Next. Then the first step is to verify my student information, there should be no white fields. If the fields are marked in gray, it means that you can’t update them. If there is a discrepancy, you need to contact child’s building office to discuss. When everything is done, you click here to complete step 1, then a little green check box will pop up on the right hand side that says it is been completed.

Then click on next step which will again just be asking you to verify the student information, after you have completed the process, click on complete step 1. Now emergency contacts is a very important field for our schools, thus we can get into hold of you whenever we need to. So in order to get to the emergency contact, click Add emergency contact, enter in a phone number, and this pickup icon means if you allow this person to pick your child up from school, then click Save to complete the process. As you can see, this is an important field for some elementary schools.

The emergency contact is connected to the kid, not the family. We understand and recognize that a lot of our families have different family situations, so we make sure that our emergency contact information only follows the student, not the family. Then click complete step 1, and hit next step, the next step is a medical information form.

This form is very important for our school nurses, every single year you will have to go through this form and enter the family information pertaining to this child. So family physician, the dentist, any specialist that your child may have, the medical insurance carrier or the policy number and so forth and so on.

There’s also a section where you can give the nurses permission to give your child different types of generally prescribed medicine that they can use throughout the school day to help your child. There’s also a spot below, where you can put identify the child’s medical history as well as any other pieces that you may need to notify the nurse of. When you’re done with that, you click complete step 2, you’ll notice that there’s a green checkmark and you’ll be able to review your information. If all of that is correct, all of these pieces on the right hand side should be marked with green arrows and you can simply click Submit update family information for some schools.

We may have additional steps. For example, signing off on a handbook or signing off on an acceptable use policy, those will just be identified with the numeric numbers for five or six, make sure that all of the steps on the right hand side are marked with a green arrow or a green check box.

Then we can click Submit family information, the final step says the update family information was successfully completed and submitted. When that is completely done, you can just simply go back to the home screen or back to your other children, if you have additional children, you can repeat the steps again.

We are doing this in order to be responsive to parent concerns and questions that we had to streamline our emergency contact and family information collection process, this has eliminated all of the paperwork that we’ve sent home through summer and will allow us to keep an accurate database of all the information that we have for our families throughout the school year.

Thank you for filling out this form, and if you have any questions, please contact your building Office.

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