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11 Things That Will Happen to You as A WVU Student at Portal. Com

Description: This introduction tells you eleven things that are probably going to happen to you as a WVU student, if you want to go to WVU, you can read to know what to be aware of.

Today I am going to be talking about 11 things that are probably going to happen to you.

Number one thing that I think will happen you do in West Virginia University is that you will get big muscular over your leg. You get really strong from walking on campus, because there are many stairs on the way to your class. Another thing is that, there are home games, where you can swipe cards and get free breakfasts. The next one, number three is you will probably get tear-gassed at one point or another, when the parties get too crazy, the cops do come.

Number four is the fat bro street, it is good when walking at night, but it will only feel pretty and nice when going down, it will be painful when going up. There are some parties and restaurants along, so it will good to have some food. Number five is the song, it feels sad whenever you hear it no matter where you are. The next one, you will probably learn every single word to the song country rose by John Denver. Because everyone is singing that and you have to learn every single word.

So number seven is you’re going to take the PRT which stands for Personal Rapid Transit, it connects the campuses all together, because it’s a big campus so we have to take a PRT to get to where we need to go. But it might break down on the half way.

Number eight, there will be adventure trips for freshmen in the beginning of the year or during summer, you should sign up for one. Number nine, you’re probably going to see president, because he is wandering around in the university. Number ten, there’s this club called an axe, where you might go. Number eleven,you might lose your IDs, then you’re going to buy a new one.

I hope you find them entertaining and interesting, if you are deciding or like considering to go to WVU, these may happen to you, don’t forget to like, subscribe, share and leave a comment down below.

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