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Description: This tutorial will show you a step-by-step breakdown of West Virginial University portal, which is a website that includes mix email, star degreeworks, eCampus and other WVU resources.

We will show you a step-by-step breakdown of West Virginial University portal, which is a website that includes mix email, star degreeworks, eCampus and other WVU resources.

First, in order to gain access to WVU portal, students must first go to login WVU. edu to claim their account. Here they’ll provide the requested information to the website to set up an accountant password, once the student has their login information, they can go to puerto WVU. edu. Once logged in, this is what the student will see from this homepage, they have direct and quick access to important information, regarding everyday life on campus.

This information includes the status of the PRT, their GPA and an outstanding balance on their account. There are many features for each student but is not limited to financial aid, housing grades and course registration. This is where students will find all of their current charges and payment deadlines, the student services and housing tab is where students will go to look up classes, develop a schedule C and order transcripts, register for on-campus housing and pay their tuition bill each semester.

The student services in housing tab is composed of five separate sections, including admissions registration, student accounts and student records. Emmission allows students to pay their academic deposit and apply for admissions to WVU W Potomac State College. And WVU Tech registration is used to add or drop classes, look up classes to add request enrollment, our good student verification, change class options to display class schedule, registration for the assessment and purchase books.

Student accounts let you review your charges and payments or make payments. Student records will allow to view holds display unofficial transcripts, display grades for current academic year and apply for graduation. Housing is used for the housing applications, for on-campus residence halls.

Financial aid is the last tab which is composed of three separate sections, including financial aid, status eligibility and award. The financial aid status tab is where students view overall status, view holds new academic progress, cost of attendance, financial aid awards and view messages.

Next is the eligibility tab, this is where students can review financial aid, hold document requirements, display academic progress history and an academic transcript. The last section is award, this is where they can review their charges and payments or make a payment or account summary, review awards, accept award offers, display award payment schedule and young blood applications.

The next important tool is degree works, here students can track their progress as they work to earn their degree. They can see how many credits they’ve earned, what classes they still need to take, what classes they’re rolled in and what grades they earn. Each of their class’s degree works is divided into different sections, including general education curriculum, university writing requirements, the university capstone requirement and degree requirements.

More sections will be added if the student chooses to add an area of emphasis or a minor, when a student transfers, it will show up next to the required class. If a class has been completed satisfactory, a green check mark will appear, if they are currently enrolled in a class, this symbol will appear any class that has not been attempted, there will be an empty red box next to it.

The bottom of degree works will also show in fall-through classes, as a student may have as well as any other course overrides that have been granted. There’s a note section that will be updated by advisors, tracking the progress of the student as well as any other communications they have together with the GPA calculator, students can generate details of what grades they need to earn in the future classes to graduate with a certain GPA.

This is useful for helping students go throughout their time in college, but the what-if feature in degree where students can see how their plan of study would change. If they want to add a minor switch majors or want to earn a second degree, this is also where students come to apply for graduation. Next we’ll demonstrate how a student will view and use eCampus which is the learning management system.

You use that WVU to facilitate the creation of sophisticated world wide web based educational environments, it works with WVU stars so that the faculty and students can automatically view the courses. They are registered online, it also delivers the highest quality educational experience to students, essentially this is the platform students will go to to view course materials made available by their instructors turn in homework assignments and view syllabi.

They also have access to a course calendar where they can view all of their classes assignment, due dates. When student arrives to each campus homepage, they simply click on the class they’re working on, they can view any material their structure as posted, they can also view the class roster, enabling them to see who is in their class and contact those students if they need anything.

The last piece of the WVU portal is WVU mix, which is the email service provided by Google that will serve students as the main contact source to their professors. It is important for you to emphasize the seriousness of this email account because when you are communicating with any University affiliated an individual or group, it is the only verified way. It’s essential for students to routinely check their mates account for updates about class, campus and activities that are occurring.

Google is a host of the email, because of this, students have access to Google Drive hangouts and calendar, this is a great tool for students to use when they’re collaborating on projects with other students, since Gmail is the host, students can continue to use their mix account anytime.

After they graduate, this email also gives them access to special student discounts, but only with some specific companies such as Apple, Amazon Prime, Best Buy, New York Times, The Washington Post, Spotify, Microsoft, Adobe and other various companies, using it throughout their time in college is sure to add up to big savings.

WVU portal has many additional links and helpful information, under the WVU resources tab, there are a few of links including Dining Services, a library link, student health and tutoring information.

Dining Services provides menus for all on campus dining halls, so students with meal plans are able to try any of these locations. This is very useful in deciding where to eat, students have the option of using dining halls, our meal plan is accepted in restaurants at the mountain, Health Sciences and Evansdale. The library link takes you to the WVU library’s website, where you can look up what books are available, check out and reserve a study room and see special library hours.

WVU has numerous libraries across the campuses, including downtown, Evansdale, health sciences and low loss school. Another crucial link located in the section is one of the student health websites, where you can find after-hours care, medical questions, even information about the Mountaineer pharmacy. Student health is the most convenient option for students located on campus due to the location.

One last link we would like to point out is the tutoring, information triggering may be crucial to a student’s success and this is where they can find tutoring senators and their hours. It is the basis where they can go to find a one-on-one tutor for any subject and find out about sorts stands for students on the road to success.

Sorts is a combination of seminars that will give students tips and strategies for success on a variety of topics which can ease the process of getting them acclimated to WVU.

With the completion of this video, we hope you have a pretty good feel for the navigation through the portal while showing the value the portal gives students with the easy-to-use layout. The portal helps any students become a master, for more detailed information, please visit the link below.

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