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Description:The article is about watching Disney junior activate. The author choose Disney Junior character to finish the game,unlock new characters and new levels. The game is very interesting but also a little bit difficult. You need to very careful to get the high score.

We’re back from the New York Toy Fair where we met the PJ Masks in real life. We also got to charge around and saw loads of PJ Masks toys and playsets. We got back and then there’s a starlight sprint game. It’s popping up. There is a nice Disney junior. We’re going to get a hands-on and see what it is going to be. You can see here is a new title screen. We have cats ,you have owlette and we also have Gecko.

It looks slightly familiar but we’re going to play it and to see what it is. We can choose Romeo here or that scanner. We will tap the music button and see what it is. We have to tap Romeo’s character. Let’s start with him. Romeo is loading. We’re very excited. It’s great to have a new game. What can we do? We tap it to jump. He have to jump. What is this? That is good. You need to tap to jump. We can tap at the bottom to charge. Have we unlocked a new level? You can’t tap on that person in their outline. He is night ninja. There is Luna girl as well.

We tap on the music. We can take the music off. We get the music on. We tap on Romeo. We can play the Romeo level again. Let’s see if we can get an even better score. Can we beat our last score at this? I’m playing its outlets. I am running out of charges. You can jump or you can charge them. I’ve only got one heart left.

This is very tricky. I died. We can try that again. We’ve got cat boy unlocked. We can take on Romeo. We need to get Gecko on the tarsal right. We need to try and collect all of these dots to get high score. I have got my special outlet power juice.  She blasts about the way. It is so cool. Now wait for cat boy. It is cat boys turn. Is it a tag team? Can I keep with my lives this time? Noe jump and charge. But I got my charge boost. Once it’s low you can use it.I didn’t make it. Although I got there it wasn’t a very good jump.

Can we unlock Gecko? You can see 54 outlets and 24 for cat-boy. We’ve unlocked night ninja. We’ve got an night ninja level. You can go all the night ninja level. How do we unlock Gekko. Let’s try the night ninja level and see how we get on. This is great. How nice of you to join us. Have you paid the other PJ Masks games?  These jumps are hard. There is something flying towards us. Why take that boy? What’s that? This is useful in the jump. You need to watch out with a ninja. I’ll let you do it because they can jump so fast. I’m trying. This is hard. We didn’t get him to get this time. How many can I get? Can I get 50?I have to get 50. I beat my last score.

We got the NIP night ninja flag. We want Gekko. so 32 for cat boy and 61 for outlets. We got him. We have unlocked Gekko. I’ve got Gekko. Does that mean we can take on Romeo again? Now it’s free for us. Let’s concentrate on the game. I have three hearts. It better to jump or better to hit. If you hit them you WILL miss out. I missed. There’s a lot of things. This is difficult to concentrate. I can smash the box now.

We are ready to jump. You can’t go now. The things seem like cheese. I missed one. Did you see the one I missed at the bottom. Look at them. You have to think ahead. I’d like to know how many scores you’ve got . This is our first go on Gecko. What is Gecko’s special ability? We’re going to find that out now. It’s a supercharge. They have to press a came up the wall. It’s quick tricky. This reminds me of moonlight heroes. We’re playing in lots of super cities which are really enjoy. It got low 60. So there are 43 69 and 63 that equals a hundred and seventy five. We’ve unlocked a new character.

First of all I want to see if I can defeat night ninja. Now we’ve got Gecko,outlet and cat boy. Watch out right ninja.  Can I get all of these?What are these?.I’d like to know how you get done with this.I think we need to practice a bit more. We’ve got a special power. It glows up when you get it. That’s how you know you’ve got your special power. That was close. I almost jumped off the building. What is your favorite pj miles episode? I still love the one when I explored in the museum with the dinosaurs. That was great at the beginning. I should not use my special power. I lose my hearts. I’ve got them back I feel safe now. I’ve got my hearts back.

This is difficult. You have to use the powers and jump right. Cat-boy is a Tag team. If you get to the crates you will lose a life. He is doing that popping. I couldn’t see anything. I’ll go straight. If you’re concentrating to get the dots,that’s a good way to fill up. He got me. That sounds like it hurts. It is my last heart. You can’t miss a jump to get what you want. I made it.

There is still one heart left. The score is 62. I unlocked the Luna girl. The final score is 280.We’ve done it great. The first is made. First of all,where’s the vs.mode? That’s what I want to do. Who are we racing? That sounds hurt. Somebody thinks you have to use your special power or you will get hurt. who are the one racing now? I want to know where can’t you back. I can jog that one. You need to remember which one you can choose to jump. I fell off. It is so brilliant. Do you have a favorite pj mask hero?

Is it Gecko?Is it cat-boy?What is it? Mine is night ninja. Did you see all the new Pj Mars toys at Toy Fair we did when you were visiting there? We had a visit with the toy makers. Let’s see all the new toys. I’ve got a beginner on the channel. Can have a look at them? I’ll keep talking. 53 is a very good score. It’s jumping.

It is our turn. Outlet’s special ability is she gets a special blast. This is a difficult level. They only need to get to win. Can I get to the key ends? This is tricky. I got two in one then. You can tell me how many score you get on this game. Have you unlocked everyone?What is your high score?I’m going to try and get a very high score. Let’s see if you can beat me. I don’t think you can because I’ve been practicing. I’m a PJ Masks expert.

That’s a big score.My score is 221 this time. That is my high score. It says unlocked versus mode. I don’t know what that means though. Where is the versus mode? We can go and find it. Where is it? We can click play. Be careful. Those marks behind you and behind that building can be very tricky. Let us start. Now the score is 49. My highest score is 221. Can I beat 221? I think I have to concentrate on the game I am playing now.

I’m going to do that. I miss one. Do not miss any of them so you have to plan ahead. I’ll punch you. Why is it so difficult? That’s a good one. Let’s do the hundred twelve. If cat boy can do the same we can too. I think we’re going for a high score. We can throw them off. Stop me with the box. We need to get more points. I only got a hundred.

It gets heart. This is a big jump.The score is forty-three,that’s not too bad. aI missed it. That’s going to cost me points. That was such a big jump. This game is difficult. Now our score is 69. It’s all for you to do. We’ve got to get a high score. I’m a Gecko. You can do it. Where is the heart? I will lose my heart. I have to be careful when I am going for all the dots. The danger is that you missed the heart. That’s good. We got a heart back.

I feel a bit safer now. We need to be careful. Now the score is 42,43. There’s another heart. Good. Another heart. I’ve got bonus hearts. It loads the hearts now. We can try to jump to get a hundred score. It’s so good to get all the points. I think it should be a high score. What’s the score?t The score is 113 89 and the final score is 272. I don’t hit.  I won the game.That’s amazing. I kick around here and it says unlocked.What does that mean? What does versus mode mean?

Let’s try again on Romeo. It’s going to be versus Romeo. We have finished the whole game. We need to do one more of these levels. It might be the time to stop. You can tell us what you think of the game. Is it something you’re going to play? It’s in the Disney Junior applications. You only have to turn out the app and then it’s very high at the top. This is great. You don’t have to pay for it because it’s free. I lose all my hearts. Let us play the game. I’ll keep an eye on the hearts.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the hearts. You’ll always have special Pat to rely on. Geckos is doing well. This can be the high score ever. He got 88. That is a big jump. You’ve got to watch out cat boys. Sometimes the gap is very big. Those lasers can get you. If you keep your special power in place and you can use it when you need it. But the best thing to do is to get the jungle absolutely right. This is a big jump. I’m going to call the dots.

Do you have a favorite villain? Which is your favorite villain and PJ Masks? I like the ninjalinos. They are so funny and tiny to me. We’re going to jump again. It is a nice jump. That’s a good run. I think this might be my highest score if I can do well with outlet. You can do it. You can get them all. You’re doing very well. We need to get into a rhythm with this so we can get to the right way. You can get all the little dots. I missed one there. You need to go up and down at the right time. You missed it like that. I was too high up then.

Once you’ve got started going up,it’s tricky to get down. There are lots of scores,there might be one hundred this time. I don’t think anyone’s ever scored more than me on this. Can you get to score 296? It almost get to 300. That’s starlight sprint. Tell us how many score you got in the game. Can you do a score better than 296? I think that might be the highest score. I’m sure you enjoyed that. We’ll be back soon with more Pj marks and other games.

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